Enjoy A Delicious 3 Course Meal For 2 People For Just €40 at Sawadee Thai, Terenure! Valid 7 days per week / Groups Welcome!


The Deal


Sawadee is a fantastic Thai & Eastern Fusion offering elegant dining in a beautifully decorated environment. We serve up the finest Thai and Indian Cuisine using only the freshest ingredients. Take a trip to Sawadee today for the best Thai and Eastern fusion in town!
Your Deal Includes:
  • 2 Starters
  • 2 Main Courses
  • 2 Desserts (Choice of Cheescake or Chocolate Fudge Brownie)


Sawadee Thai
94 Terenure Road East, Dublin 6, Dublin 6w

Terenure, Dublin

Terms & Conditions

  • This voucher is valid until 31st August 2017
  • This voucher is valid to use 7 days a week on the A la carte menu. 
  • Offer is for starter, main, dessert and steamed rice for 2 people
  • There is 2 sittings on Friday/Saturday nights being 5pm-8.30pm & 9pm-11.30pm. 
  • You must book a table through Menupages as walk ins will not be accepted under any circumstance.
  • You will not be permitted to use any more than those specified.
  • The menu is subject to change and is at the discretion of each restaurant.
  • You must present your voucher printed - display of voucher on phones is not acceptable. 
  • €3 supplement on Crab starter, €2 supplement on King Prawn starter, €4 supplement on King Prawn Main, €3 supplement on fillet beef main, offer includes steamed rice only.
  • Please note there is no longer a BYOW policy in Sawadee Thai, but their is an extensive wine selection available, just ask your waiter.

This voucher is also subject to the full list of terms and conditions as listed here

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A la carte

Full Dinner Menu


Chicken Satay (Thai)
Chicken strips marinated in Thai spices, cooked on the BBQ, served with home made peanut sauce
Chicken Tikka (Indian)
Fresh chicken cube marinated with yogurt, garlic & ginger, Indian Spices BBQ, cooked with caly oven
Poropia Prawns (Thai)
Prawn wrapped in to pastry stuffed with chicken deep fried served with salad
Sawadee Jingha Fried (Indian)
Deep fried prawn with touch tarmaric, salt, black pepperm eggs and breadcrumbs served with fresh salad
Vegetable Spring Rolls (Thai)
Tasty mix of stir fried vegetables, mushrooms glass noodle stuffed with pastry paper and deep fried light and crispy
Onion Bhajee (Indian)
Sliced onions mixed with herb gram flour & tarmaric coriander. And deep fried
Cheesy Squids Ring (Thai)
Squid marinated with coco milk and fresh cream and cheese, deep fried with white breadcrumbs
Meat Balls Stuffed Pepper (Thai)
Meat balls cooked with onion red curry sauce stuffed in a roasted pepper (red, yellow or green)
Fish Cakes (Indian)
Pan fried cod fish cooked with chopped garlic mixed with sliced onion, mashed potatoes coriander & deep fried
Larb Gai Chicken (Thai)
Thai street fare foods crushed grilled chicken mixed with sliced onion, mashed potatoes coriander & deep fried
Chicken Sashni (Indian)
Diced BBQ Chicken, green & red pepper, onion, aromatic sweet & sour spice cooked in pan, served with salad
Larb Pad Duck (Thai)
Thai street foods minced grilled duck with mixed roast rice chilli & lime, fresh baby leaves
Prawn Fruit Salads (Thai)
Prawns tossed with fresh fruits on mixed baby leaves, drizzled with chilli & lime dressing
Tandoori Chicken (Indian)
(1/4) Chicken marinated with garlic, ginger, tandoori spices and BBQ cooked in a clay oven, served with salad
Samosa, Meet or Vegetable
Triangular pastry parcels filled with lamb mince cooked with red curry & vegetables cooked in green curry sauce
Indian Mixed Platter (Taste of India)
Pieces of Tandoori chicken / chicken tikka / sheek kebab / onion bhajee / meat samosa, served with salad
Thai Mixed Platter (Taste of Thailand)
Pieces of chicken satay / spring roll / poropia prawn / vegetable samosa, served with salad

Soup Special

Tomyam Soup
A hot clear broth with lime juice lemon grass & mushroom (Vegetable €7.95, Chicken €8.95, Prawn €9.95)
Sawadee Noodle Soup
Noodle broth with scallions bean sprouts (Chicken €8.95, Prawn €9.95, Duck €10.95)
Coconut Soup
Coconut milk flavoured with fragrant Thai herb broth (Chicken €8.95, Prawn €9.95)
Chicken Wonton Soup
A clear chicken, wanton broth, garlic, coriander, basil leaves, aromatic Thai spiced medium spicy soup


Chicken Lemongrass Salad
yam gai takrai
Prawn and Chicken Slad
yam soon Sen
Crispy Duck Salad
yam pad krob
Fillet Beef Salad
yam nua yang

Stir Fry Main Dishes

Vegetable €12.95, Chicken €14.95, Prawn €15.95, Beef €19.95, Duck €17.75, Jumbo King Prawn €19.95, Monkfish €21.95
Sweet & Sour Special
Battered chicken or prawns or monkfish, stir fried with cucumbers, pineapple, onions, scallions, cherry tomatoes in sweet & sour sauce
Oyster Special
Beef or chicken or prawns, stir fried with mushrooms fine beans, mixed pepper, onnions and oyster sauce
Cashew Nuts Special
Sliced chicken or beef sautéed with cashew nuts, carrots, onions, pepper in a savoury light sauce
Gingers Special
Beef or chicken or prawns or monkfish, stir fried with ginger, scallions, baby corn,
Lemongrass Special
Beef or chicken or prawns or duck stir fried with lemongrass, mushrooms, carrots, mixed peppers
Chilli & Basil Special
Beef or chicken or prawns or duck or monkfishm stir fried with green beans, mixed vegetables, chilli & basil leaves
Chilli Coconut Special
Beef or chicken or prawns or duck or monkfish, stir fried with green beans & mixed vegetables, sweet basil, chilli coconut sauce
Duck Tamarind
Breast of aromatic duck stir fried with mixed vegetables topped with spiced sweet & sour sauce
Aubergine Special
Chicken or beef or prawns or monkfish, Hot spicy stir fry dish with long beans, aubergine, sliced red chilli

Thai Curry Dishes

Chicken €14.95, Prawns €15.95, Lamb €15.95, Beef €19.95
Green Curry Thai
A Traditional style spicy Green curry cooked with green beans & aubergine, coconut milk & basil leaves
Red Curry Thai
A Traditional style medium Red curry cooked with bamboo shoots, green beans, sweet corn, coconut milk
Yellow Curry Thai
A Traditional style mild yellow curry
Penaeng Curry
A Traditional style spicy thick curry paste and coconut milk (highly recommended)
Massaman Curry
A muslin curry from south Thailand with onion, potatoes, peanuts, coco milk cooked phakthai style

Indian Main Dishes (Regional Specialities)

Vegetable €12.95, Chicken €14.95, Lamb €15.95, Prawn €15.95, Duck €17.95, Jumbo King Prawn €19.95, Venison €17.95, Monkfish €21.95
Chicken or lamb cooked with muchrooms, cardamom, cumin, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, lime leaves, plum sugar, olive oil, green curry past, coconut milk, it's a spicy Tamil dish
Koala puri patil
Chopped pink onion crispy garlic dried red chilli, lemongrass, coriander. Roasted tomatoes, roasted orange cooked with BBQ chicken tikka Indian curry sauce
Garlic ginger chopped onion, aromatic Indian spiced deep fried aubergine, INdian chat massala flavour lemongrass cooked with Indian curry sauce
Kovolom Kuji
Cooked in and delicately flavoured with coconut milk, tempered with mustard * fresh garlic, ginger, cardamom, cloves, bangol taste leaves & southern spice
Doniwaly Harialy
Southern Asian flavoured coriander based dish, cooked with garlic and ginger, onion paste, aromatic spiced fresh green chilli, medium hot spice.
Roasted Duck Nouranghe
Tamarind based, sweet & sour & a bit spicy roasted duck cooked with Indian flavoured spice, with fresh coriander
Sri Lankan venison curry dish
Sri Lankan style cooked venison and aromatic spices. Medium to Hot
Kala Gosth Chilli Fried
Slow cooked lamb, Oak fry with tempered crushed black pepper, sea salt five spices, lime juice, dry chilli
Spiced Monkfish Malabare
Marinated with roasted spice BBQ, with clay oven half cooked with Indian special curry sauce, coconut milk and tomato sauce.
Anarashi Golda Chingri
Jumbo king prawn tempered with pineapple, garlic, ginger, aromatic Indian spiced touch of plum sugar lime

Side Dishes

Jasmine Steamed Rice
Egg Fried Rice
Vegetable Fried Rice
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables
Bombay Potatoes
Sag Aloo (baby spinach with potatoes)
Garlic Mushrooms
Tadka Dal
Basmati Pilau Rice
Lemon Rice
Mushroom Rice
Plain Naan Bread
Garlic Coriander Naan
Peshware Naan
Brown Rice

A very enjoyable evening and great food

I have been here a few times and the staff are always so friendly and kind. The food is always good and the atmosphere is great. Definitely check it out if you want really good Thai food!

Best duck I've ever had. Very crispy and amazing taste!

Great food, restaurant very busy so a good atmosphere, very good value service will be back.

very good.food was lovely'staff very friendly.def will be back

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